About us

Formally registered in March 2013 under Trust Act 1882, as a non-government, non-partisan, apolitical, non-sectarian, voluntary social welfare organization, Calyx Foundation has been engaged with some of the most dynamic organizations, including global development agencies, public and private sector organizations, local IPs and academic institutions; helping them frame development strategies and solutions for better understanding and creating synergies with their concerned stakeholders for sustainable development.

Right in its teething phase Calyx established excellent outreach in all the four provinces of Pakistan along with Kashmir, Tribal Areas of North and Gilgit Baltistan. Calyx has been working in close coordination and partnership with several government, non-government organizations, Ministries, Academia, CSOs, NGOs, Media Houses, Think Tanks and a number of foreign organizations in the domain.

Calyx is a commitment to human and technical resources in achieving Health, Education, Livelihood and Participation for all, with a focus on youth, rural and grassroots communities for sustainable economic development. Calyx was originally conceived as an ‘open door ‘ to meet the Information and Communication, Training and Capacity Building and Networking and sharing needs of local communities, groups and community-based organizations that are keen to undertake sustainable development initiatives.




Calyx believes in delivering impactful and sustainable solutions involving communities in the process thus ensuring lasting impressions of the development efforts.

Calyx has developed eight point approach model for all its initiatives and programs. The model is designed to be a self-explanatory tool for a complete package of successful program delivery and impact assessment.


our approach