Capacity building of journalists on conflict reporting to counter violent extremism

Donor: DAI

Calyx Foundation in collaboration with Bahawalpur Press Club is building capacity of journalists on CVE related issues including conflict reporting, NAP, Interfaith and peace journalism. This activity intends to build the capacity of journalists in CVE, particularly in developing narratives to counter violent extremism, while acknowledging and supporting Government’s efforts in peace building process.

Calyx Foundation, through this project has initiated series of training workshops for journalists associated with the Bahawalpur Press Club. This activity is aimed to facilitate journalists in getting organized as a forum that’s committed to addressing the VE problem, and making peace and harmony a focus area for the local and national media outlets.

Members of this forum will produce focused media content aiming to spread the message of peace, and inform and influence the audiences to change perceptions in a positive direction, adhering to media ethics throughout. The forum will connect with senior journalists working on the editorial boards of media outlets, helping the trained journalists find space for their CVE content in the mainstream media.