Economic Development

Improving Livelihood of Women Artisans in KP through innovation and ICT (ILOWA)

Donor: Ambassador Fund Small Grants Program – USAID

Calyx Foundation launched pilot phase of project in district Haripur in collaboration with Haripur Chamber of Commerce and Industry and local government. The project aims to work for the revival and promotion of traditional Phulkari art to get benefits threefold; to improve economic condition of the communities; to empower local women by making them an earning hand while remaining in the comfort of their homes; to keep a rich and beautiful tradition alive preserving its cultural value.

Improving Livelihood Security and Achieving Sustainability of Craftsmen through Cultural Entrepreneurship and ICT Interventions


Pakistan’s rich cultural heritage and hospitality has always been a great attraction for the foreigners; unfortunately due to terrorism and other factors; the foreigner tourism has reduced considerably in the past 10 years or so;  the unfortunate implications are not only hitting adversely the tourism industry but the allied industries like art and handicraft..

Enhancing Quality and Access to TVET for Employability


Pakistan’s rural community, as in any other under-developed country, is largely poor. Sindh is the second largest province of Pakistan in terms of population. Nearly 52 per cent of its population lives in the rural areas. The rural-urban poverty gap in Sindh is high compared to the other provinces. The bulk of the rural population is said to be living below the poverty line.