Documentary on Child Marriages

Donor: Oxfam Novib

Calyx has been closely working with various international development agencies other organizations in delivering innovative communication, media and outreach solutions for a wide range of topics including peace building and conflict resolution, Health & Hygiene including WASH, Mother & Child Health, youth engagement, women’s access to justice, legal reforms, ICT for development, education and Child rights & Children’s health.

Quite recently Calyx worked with Oxfam Novib to develop a documentary on Child Marriage under Oxfam Novib’s flagship program in Pakistan “BachpanBachao” (Saving Childhood).

BachpanBachao works together with local communities, religious leaders, community opinion leaders, police officials, nikah registrars, judiciary, law & policy makers, parliamentarians, academia, civil society and the media to address the issue of early marriage in Sindh and Punjab by using various communication and engagement tools.

The subject documentary was used by Oxfam Novib as a tool to sensitize public, law-makers & enforcers, religious leaders, community elders, parents and all other stakeholders on the consequences of early marriage and its effects on the physical and mental life of the child brides and the grooms.

With strong grip on the subject, highly professional and creative team, latest technology and production equipment and above all the visionary approach of Calyx resulted in an outstanding product on the grave issue of Child Marriages and it is hoped that the documentary will play a significant role in highlighting the issue in a thought provoking manner and bring about longer lasting behavioral changes at policy and practice levels.