Gender Empowerment

Gender Mainstreaming in Higher Education


AuthorAid is an international body which supports researchers across the globe to publish their research writings. AuthorAid helps the conduct of research activities on various topics, Gender Mainstreaming in Higher Education” being the topic of grant funding to Calyx Foundation.

Gender Equity and Institutional Development Program (GEIDP)

Donor: Oxfam Novib

Pakistan’s social sector development is plagued with multiple problems. Nonetheless, some of them are not only the problems themselves but can create problems of various kinds. For instance, absence of understanding on life skills makes the lives of poor miserable leaving them victim to perpetual growth of further poverty and problems. Early marriages, taking an example, in both genders, may result in domestic violence, sexual abuse and childhood pregnancies.

Advocacy for Political Empowerment of Women in Pakistan

Donor Oxfam Novib

The 5th of June 1915 is the day when Danish women were given the right to vote and stand for election. In 2015, Danish government and its affiliated entities planned to commemorate the completion of 100 years for this landmark. As part of the celebrations, Oxfam Novib in collaboration with DANIDA planned to initiate a national campaign to commemorate the 100th anniversary.