Improving Livelihood of Women Artisans in KP through innovation and ICT

Donor: Small Grants and¬†Ambassador’s Fund Program – USAID

Calyx Foundation launched pilot phase of project in district Haripur in collaboration with Haripur Chamber of Commerce and Industry and local government. The project aims to work for the revival and promotion of traditional Phulkari art to get benefits threefold; to improve economic condition of the communities; to empower local women by making them an earning hand while remaining in the comfort of their homes; to keep a rich and beautiful tradition alive preserving its cultural value.

The intervention has a huge potential social return. The craft sector represents an opportunity for thousands to earn a living and own their own business. Crafts are often made by women, who remain among the most vulnerable in these societies.If women are able to earn a decent living, there is a proven trickle-down effect. Their families and communities thrive. Their work usually does not require literacy, but rather concrete skills that are passed on, creating an important legacy for generations to come. In even the most deeply conservative countries, craft production allows women to empower themselves and lift their families out of poverty.

The proposed intervention intends to revive the traditional art of Phulkari by supporting 150 women artisan fromfive Union Councils (UCs) of District Haripur (includes 16 villages and adjoining peripheries).

The support will be provided to pre-identified women on design improvements, product presentations and profiling, basic business management skills (Khatadari), linking them to urban and international markets through product exhibitions, using digital media and managing e-Stores.