Global Hand Washing Day 2016

Global hand washing day is celebrated on October 15th every year. Calyx with its strategic partner MCom; developed BCC strategy on WASH for Plan International. Launch event was organized at Lahore.

Calyx Foundation worked with Plan International Pakistan for Strategy Development and Behavioral Change Campaign on WASH, carried out in KP, Sindh and Punjab.

The campaign aimed to contribute a change in community knowledge, behaviors and practices related to safe drinking water, sanitation, and hygiene eventually contributing to save lives and improve health and wellbeing of people of Pakistan by increasing awareness and creating enabling communities to identify and address critical issues contributing to the health and hygiene vulnerabilities due to use of unsafe drinking water, improper sanitation facilities and un-healthy hygiene practices.
Communities were capacitated and mobilized to assess, evaluate & understand and mitigate the risks through participatory identification and implementation of an inclusive Community Based WASH model. This was achieved by facilitating linkages of stakeholders at all levels providing individuals and communities with greater means to address vulnerabilities to WASH.
Based on understanding & level of knowledge, aptitude and practice of community members towards WASH, understood through KAP analysis of the target communities, a thorough and conclusive strategy was developed to engage target communities in understanding the vulnerabilities and building their capacity to overcome water, sanitation and hygiene issues.
Once strategy was developed, based on the knowledge derived campaign material was designed and developed to deliver impactful message on selected themes thus positively affecting the behaviors of the community towards WASH.