Stakeholders Meeting of EQUATE Project

Stakeholders’ meeting was arranged by Calyx in Islamabad on behalf of Oxfam Novib where stakeholders of EQUATE project and speakers participated from across Pakistan.

Pakistan’s rural community, as in any other under-developed country, is largely poor. Sindh is the second largest province of Pakistan in terms of population. Nearly 52 per cent of its population lives in the rural areas. The rural-urban poverty gap in Sindh is high compared to the other provinces. The bulk of the rural population is said to be living below the poverty line.
The rural inhabitants of Sindh are dependent on agriculture, in arid zones on animal rearing and in the coastal belt on fishing for livelihood. But the constant shortage of water in parts of districts Khairpur, Dadu and Jamshoro is the main factor behind raised poverty levels in these districts. This is due, of course, to the mismanagement of water and other resources.
Realizing the core problem and to create growing and sustainable livelihood opportunities, Oxfam Novib, with funding support of European Union, initiated a project for Enhancing Quality and Access to TVET for Employability (EQUATE), in Khairpur, Dadu and Jamshoro districts.
The overall objective of the project was “Improving accessibility to TVET leading to professional employment of marginalized communities in rural areas of Sindh with 50% more earnings compared to the baseline findings”.