Workshop on Gender Mainstreaming in Higher Education

A two workshop was organized in collaboration with Authoraid and Preston University Islamabad Campus. Participants from leading universities across Pakistan attended the workshop.

Calyx in collaboration with AuthorAid – an international think tank which supports researchers across the globe to publish their research writings; organized a two day workshop at Preston University, Islamabad Campus.

The 2 day workshop was facilitated by Dr. Feroza Ahmed, a gold medalist in gender studies and renowned gender activist, researcher and contributor. The event has been participated by industry specialists, renowned scholars and gender mainstreaming advocates. Delegates were called upon from various other universities, Social sector, government institutions and support groups to form a sustainable voice on the issue. Sessions were interactive and were conducted in a participatory way.

The purpose of this workshop was to provide guidelines for mainstreaming gender into the education sector, in particular the formal education sector. The event provided an overview of gender issues in the higher education sector, including global and Commonwealth mandates for promoting gender equality. It examined such traditional indicators as literacy, enrolment, access to education and attainment, as well as other areas such as legal and administrative frameworks, the proportions of women in decision-making positions, resource allocation, curriculum development, and the organization of schools and classrooms. It also examined ways in which gender inequalities are perpetuated through the education system, with special focus to higher education. The workshop provided tools for gender analysis and proposed a number of policy interventions which governments may consider adopting.

The participants from various educational institutions and diverse support groups expected to serve as multiplier by declaring to replicate similar efforts in their respective areas in collaboration with Preston University thus forming a wider support group on Gender Mainstreaming in higher education.
Gender mainstreaming event has thus served as a tangible attempt to entail a fundamental transformation of the underlying paradigm that inhibits gender mainstreaming in higher education.